SkyRocket Software 🚀

Hi! I'm Brian Schrader and I run SkyRocket Software, an indie web and iOS software development company in San Diego, California.

I'm a software developer, blogger, coffee nerd, and musician. I tend to build software that interests me and then hope that people like it.

You can follow me on my microblog, on Twitter, or check out my blog.

Contact and Technical Support

It's just me here, but I'll do my best to help you with any issues you might have using my software. Get in touch with me on Twitter, or shoot me an email at I promise to read all support emails, but I might have trouble responding to them at times. Thanks for understanding.

Apps and Software

The web is full of great stuff to read, watch, and listen to, and Pine helps you find and follow it all. is a new kind of social network: combines a Feed Reader, a microblogging client, and a search directory giving you almost all of the benefits of traditional a social network, but you control it all. Follow anything from your friends, to the most breaking news. Post to your own Wordpress site from, and know that no matter what, you own your posts, pictures, and data. also has a free search engine for blogs, microblogs, and photoblogs. Users can submit their favorite sites if hasn't already found them. It's sort of like the iTunes Podcast Directory, but for blogs! has a free, but limited, API for developers and anyone wanting to use the API in their product or service can sign up for a premium account to unlock the full API.